Hospitality is the cornerstone of the Arab life. You will often hear in Syria the word tafaddal, loosely translated as ‘welcome’ and you will be frequently invited to join people for a cup of tea or coffee or an arguileh...

Syria especially Damascus is strife with spectacular ancient and classical architectural sites. Throughout Syria you will find fabulous relics left by Muslim caliphs, the Romans and the Byzantines. The Crusaders also left plenty of religious works. Poetry was also very popular towards the end of the 10th century and Arabic calligraphy and classical writing too.

Music is everywhere in Syria. While walking the streets of the Souq’s of Damascus you’re likely to hear a mixture of modern Arab tunes intermixed with American or English pop music. Many shop vendors keen on impressing foreigners will play Western style music. The all time great star performers in the Arab world remain Umm Kolthum and Fairuz.

In-bedded in the national psyche and regardless of religion, sect or ethnic background is family…the core unit of Syrian life. Several generations of one family often live together and much respect is given to the elderly.